Monthly Duplicate Help


The Monthly Duplicate is the classic mode of online Bridge game in WeWeWeb. It allows one to four players playing online realtime Bridge Game. At 2020, we have introduce another online realtime game mode called Online Tournament, for those who want more serious game, have a try on it.

Competition Style

When you finished a Bridge game in WeWeWeb's Game Room (either with robot and human), the system will record your result into its duplication system, which will compare your result with other players and obtain the IMP. The total IMP will be used to rank players at the end-of-month. The monthly ranking will then be converted to a Master Point.


Master Point Calculation

At most 20 will be granted to the participants.

The monthly Master Point calculation will be based on the formula:

20 * ( [Monthly Ranked Player Count] - [Monthly Rank] + 1) รท [Monthly Ranked Player Count]


The result can be found is our web site:

Monthly Duplication Result

Annual Ladder Result

House Keeping

Due to disk storage issue, we only keep the recent three month game records for public reference.


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