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The is the white paper to describe the design of a the game "wwc" (WeWeWeb World Conqueror).

Game Type: Strategic Turn Based

Background: A fictitious world. Probably in the middle age in which non-human races exist.

Conceptual Ideas:

  • Land
    • Players play on an environment called "World".
    • The World consists of 100x100 "Zone"s. Total 10,000 Zone enough or too small/big?
    • Each Zone is further divided in 100x100 "Land"s which is the basic land unit.
    • Each Land has different type: Grass, Forest, Highland, Mountain etc which have different usages, resource provision rate....
  • Race
    • Races fall in two alignment, Good vs Evil (Evil in here does not mean really evil, but it only shows the conflicting between the two group.)
    • There is a neutral alignment which allows player to join temporarily to free themselves from attack.
  • Building
    • Different types of building can be built on land. Eg. Farm, House, Mine, Barrack.
    • Residential is used to host basic population unit.
    • Production is used to produce resource and items.
    • Military is used to produce military units and defense.
    • Building can be upgraded.
  • Population
    • Slave
    • Citizen
    • Solider (military types)
    • military Officer (has experience level)
    • Lord (the player)
    • Hero?
  • Ally
    • Lords with the same alignment can form ally. Ally is primarily used for defense purpose, so some limitation will be imposed on ally when attacking the opposite alignment.
  • Kingdom
    • When a player is developed to a certain size, he can crown himself as a king. A king is honor to alignment and fight (defense/fight) against the opposite alignment.
    • Smaller lord can ally with a kingdom for protection.
  • Empire
    • When a player is developed to a certain size, he can crown himself as an emperor.
    • An emperor is hostile to all players in the world. His aim is to conquer the world by taking over all the players land.
    • Once crowned, the process is irreversible. In other words, the player may be wipe out by the join force of the other players.
    • It is the ultimate goal of the game, but theoretically it is very difficult to achieve by various reasons.
  • Battle
    • Battle is the most interesting yet different to design element. It needs to consider the balance!
    • Battle will be either in real-time, when 2 players can play at the same time. Or automatically (based on statistical rules) when either one player is absent.
    • The statistical rules may be based on military type composition, attributes of the solider and the officer, the strategy used by the commander.
    • After a battle, the winner may earn so award. Gold, slave, officer level upgrade. While the loser will lose some Gold, building damage, etc.
    • Basically, the effect of a single battle is too small and cannot wipe out the loser.
    • Battle Type
      • Battleground: When one player declare a war on another (hostile) player. Troops will move to battleground for game.
      • Invasion/Defense: When one player attack another player's territory. However, the player need to send his troop to the opponent's land which will impose an advantage to the defender.
  • Trading
    • Auction House is the only place for trading. Players cannot do private trade in the game.
  • Economic
    • The monetary unit in the game is gold.
    • Since players gather resource from the world, the wealth level in the game will rise continuously. There must be a mechanism to stabilize the wealth level in game. So the inflation concept will be introduced.