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Upgrade Steps

  1. Backup database.
  2. Backup old wiki file.
  3. Extract new wiki download as wiki.
  4. Set config file to writable.
  5. Run the wiki home page for installation.
  6. Cp LocalSetting.php to wiki root.
  7. Set LocalSetting.php to read only.
  8. Set config directory to read only.
  9. cp images file contents.
  10. Set images directory and sub-directory to writable.
  11. In LocalSetting.php, enable image upload. ($wgDisableUploads = false;)
  12. In LocalSetting.php, enable only login edit. ($wgWhitelistEdit = true;)

Trouble Shooting

1. After installing the software, main page is blank.

Please check whether you have the package php-xml installed.

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