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Homepage of clamav:

For Fedora,

After adding Fedora US to yum & up2date

yum install clamav
yum install clamav-update

Test the clamav update interactively by:


To activate the freshclam,

In /etc/cron.daily,
add a file clamav-update.cron:
 /usr/bin/freshclam --quiet
set execute mode: chmod +x clamav-update.cron

For CentOS:

It has yum repository, to install:

RPMForge: rpm -Uhv


To install clamav from RPM SRC:

Download the independent rpm src file in

Eg. clamav-0.96.2-2.rf.src.rpm

Uninstall the old version.

Change to root and install as normally done for an RPM

 rpm -ivh clamav-0.96.2-2.rf.src.rpm

Change directory to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/ and issue the command

rpmbuild -ba --clean clamav.spec

If you are not interested in the sendmail milter, then you can add --without milter. (need to ensure the packet check-devel has been installed.)

Upon completion, you can find the rpm in /usr/src/refhat/RPMS/i386.

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