Solo Tournament Help


Currently, the Solo Game is a standalone game, which the players do not know how good they are compared with other players. To improve the game play, we introduce a new gaming method, the Solo Tournament, which allows solo players to compare their game result with other players and rate their Bridge skill level.

How it works?

We will provide events (weekly and daily) typed as "Solo Tournament" for players to join. After joining a tournament, pre-dealt boards can be downloaded and played offline. The result can then be uploaded back to the server before the closing of the tournament for result comparison. The result is also used to rate a player and classify them into different skill levels.

The rules

To standardize the robot level for comparison, the following settings are used for the game:

To avoid cheating, the following should be bare in mind:

Tournament Types

Currently, there are two types of Solo Tournaments: Weekly and Daily. They are different in the duration of the tournament, number of boards, thresholds of level promotion / demotion and Master points gained after completing the tournament.

Daily Tournament

There are three Daily Tournaments held with each last for eight hours.

Number of boards: 16; Level Promotion threshold: 20%; Level Demotion threshold: 10%; Master Point Ceiling: 2.

Weekly Tournament

It will hold weekly from Sunday 00:00 to Saturday 11:59. The time is referred to server's local time zone (GMT+8).

Number of boards: 64; Level Promotion threshold: 40%; Level Demotion threshold: 20%; Master Point Ceiling: 5.

Skill Level

Since the aim of the Solo Tournament does not emphasize on ranking but rating. The system will classify player into different skill level. There are currently 20 levels, which named from 1♣ up to 4NT. A new player who has not yet completed a tournament will be flagged as "Unrated".

For each tournament, the player will be ranked within their level. The promotion/demotion  will be based on the threshold of each tournament.

4NT is the cap of skill level and cannot be promoted anymore. From there, they can still earn Master Points for future Master Titles. Also, they earn the ticket  to join some special high level tournaments in the future.

Title & Master Points

For each skill level, it is linked to a title:

1-5: Novice; 6-10: Junior; 11-14: Intermediate; 15: Veteran; 16: Bronze Veteran; 17: Silver Veteran; 18:Gold Veteran; 19:Platinum Veteran; 20:Mithril Veteran.

(We reserved the right to change the title and the level mapping in the future)

For each tournament completed, some Master Points will be earned. Master Title will be granted for each level of Master Points accumulated and maintaining the skill level cap.

House Keeping

Tournament result can be found in our website once the tournament is closed and processed. However, due to disk storage issue, we only keep the recent three month game records for public reference.

Up to now, we have no policy to purge inactive users.  However, we reserve the right to purge the user records that are inactive for more than one year.


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