The Android Bridge Client


We are proud to introduce the Android Bridge Client for our online gaming environment. The client can run on any smart phone that runs Android O/S 1.6+.

The Program

Up to the now, the program consists of three components:

1) Solo Game: Play bridge by oneself against robots.
2) Network Game: Connect to our online game server (WeWeWeb.NET) to play Bridge with other players.
3) Game Viewer: A viewer to view, analysis and replay saved games.

The program has 2 versions:

1) Free version: Includes the basic features for playing Bridge game in your phone. Also, it serves as a test bed for advanced features used in the paid version. Every free version copy will have an expiry date to ensure that the life of the program should not exceed the span to the next release.
2) Paid version: Only found this version on Android Market operated by Google. The version added license control feature provided by Google. The purpose of the paid version is to encourage the developer to pay effort to improve the software so as to provide the best gaming experience to the users. We commit that the price of the paid version is affordable to everyone (Say, similar to the price of buying a cup of coffee.)

Here are some screenshots:-

Bidding Screen
Playing Screen


Android Bridge (Fee)

Please use the Google Play as the official download site. If you are using other source, they may be modified to contain malware addons.

If you are unable to access the Google Play, try to grab an outdated offical version (>= 0.8.16), once it is installed and it will do the download and update by using the third party software install feature. Note that if your outdated version is not an official one (tempered), the update process will fail because of certificate validation issue.

Release Note

Relase Date
Expiry Date
- 2/1 Game Forcing Bidding System initial release (see
  - Implement 1NT-nNT-?.
  - Add inference for 2C-2D-SUIT-2/3NT.
  - Fix 1C-1S-1NT pass with a slam interest hand. (Due the the SAYC's limitation, the fix is only a improvement).
  - Add bidding classes after the responder made a jump shift on a 1 level suit opening.
- Acol
  - Lower the requirement of issuing red suit transfer.
- Precision
  - Adopt Cappelletti for 1NT defense.
  - 1C-1S-4H: fixed wrong bid analysis and responder rebid.
- Add a timeout limit for the classic play engine.
- Fixed a bug for 1S-3S, robot unable to bid 4S.
- Fixed a bug which cause under trump.
- Fixed advancer passes for weak two's cue bid.
- Fixed robot aggressively jumps to game without a proper trump support.
- Add weak 3 defense bidding module.
- SAYC: limit raise for major opening with good 10 HCP.
- SAYC: robot now understands (1NT)-2C-(X)-XX
- SAYC: improve opener's bid after a strong 2C double negative.
- SAYC: 1S-1NT-2H, robot pass with only 1 card.
- Fixed score calculation error for double over trick case.
- Fixed robot pass Fourth Suit Forcing in some cases.
- Acol: opener rebids NT after 2C-2D shows incorrect bid analysis.
- Acol: add defense to opponent's opening 1NT.
- SAYC: response to 1C/1D has been revised.
- Improve advancer response after a preemptive overcall.
- Improve playing tricks counting.
- Rewrite fingering direction determination.
- Add chat ignore feature (command line only, see
- Fixed invalid contract display before first card led in Online Game.
- Some fixes on problem reports.
- Add hand cards sorting order option.
- pbn file will be associated with the Game Builder.
- Disable the use of transposition table for the Classic play engine.
- Whisper is blocked between partner.
- Fix claim dialog button hidden for small screen.
- Add ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission to fix long startup delay for offline device.
- Add new type 2 bid button for landscape mode.
- Add Font Style (Size) Configuration screen.
- Add Deal Engine to replace the Lucky Hand option which provides better control on card dealt.
- Add card size scale setting. Default scale is 1.5x for 7", and 2.0x for 8+".
- Fixed exported problem from game viewer.
- Fixed 2 bugs related to under trump.
- Fixed an out-of-sync problem in some watcher to player events.
- Add unrated room for online casual players.
- Add Avg.IMP column in online game score page.
- Implement response to 1NT overcall based on Stayman on, Transfer off.
- Retry game score screen add back Save button to help game analysis.
- Add bidding box style bidding buttons. (You can change back to the old style in the UI Settings Menu)
- Rebid an overcalled suit without advancer's support now needs 6+ cards.
0.8.24 (Free)
- Quick fix: Cards can be played by watcher.
v0.8.24- Add license & release notes dialog.
- Add gesture feature:
  > Fling R: play lowest or discard lowest.
  > Fling L: follow suit, play highest.
  > Fling U: Cover table's card or trump.
- Add Bid Analysis Button to Game Record viewer.
- Improve claim algorithm.
- Add season's greeting wallpaper.
- In the bidding screen, click on cards will show the hand's HCP.
- Add a banner on bidding screen to delivery our messages.
0.8.21 (Free)
- Fixed a bug which caused unable to connect to server
- Quick fix on robot under-plays big card. (Temporarily removed the killer play feature for investigation)
0.8.20 (Free)
- Quick fix on wrong local game menu.
- Fixed unconditional bid on takeout double. (E: 1D S: X W: 5D N: 6C (w/4 points))
0.8.19 (Free)
- Move to SD card enabled.
- For large screen (8" on wards), the card size is scaled up by 2x with program created playing card image.
- Forbid robot declarer to draw trumps when opponent's trump has already been cleared.
- Fixed a bug which causes optimistic invitation in competition bid.
- Improve the pbn importer for compatibility.
- Prevent the first lead module to select a void suit to lead.
- Initial release of Precision (You may find the features implemented so far in the References Menu)
0.8.18 (Free)
This is a quick fix for the 0.8.17.
- Game Viewer FC when in Landscape mode.
- ACOL bidding system crashed on opponent's overcall.
0.8.17 (Free)
- Fixed robot passes on 2-over-1 response class.
- Fixed 1C response, 5 cards suit takes precedence.
- Fixed robot unable to bid game after 2NT Jacoby Transfer.
- Acol: Add 1NT-3C/3D/3H/3S class.
- Acol: Add micheals cuebid.
- Add weak 2 defense class (partially implemented)
0.8.16 (Free)
- Add update button on expiry dialog.
- Rewrite the card shuffle function.
- Claim reply dialog now shows opponent hands.
- Implement 2C-2D-2NT response.
- Implement 2NT-?NT slam invitation response.
- Fixed unable to stop when cue-bidding.
- Fixed a bug that robot pass on FSF (1C-1S-2H-3D-P).
- Fixed all pass in solo game makes past game scores cleared.
- Fixed robot bids 1H with 3 cards only (Acol).
0.8.15 (Free)
- Add network access option to control Internet access (default set to disable).
- Add network timeout (5 seconds) to splash screen.
- Rewrite the 2NT-3D/3H transfer handler.
- Fixed a bug which causes robot wrongly recognizes Micheal.
- Fixed bugs in SAYC opener rebid module which causes robot bid shortage suit.
- Fixed Micheal ask minor reply bug.
- Fixed a bug which cause robot to under trump.
- FIxed Cappellietti 1NT-(2C)-Pass-(2D) relay bug.
0.8.14 (Free)
- Add the jump turn button to the record viewer.
- Implement opener rebid for 1NT response.
- Implement game forcing after Jacoby Transfer reply.
- Fixed a  bug which causes robot pass when undo bidding.
- Fixed a transposition hit problem in claim algorithm.
- Fixed a bug which causes preference settings lost after application has been killed.
0.8.12 (Free)
Good news to Acol players! This version is the first release of adding Acol bidding system option (based on EBU's Standard English Modern Acol) to Solo game, though still primitive but we believe it is a good start.
Other improvements:
- Fixed the problem of display wrong cards when all passed in online game.
- Fixed FC bug with bidding sequence. 1S-X-P-2C-2S-X.
- Fixed agreed suit bug when using Blackwood.
- 1NT-2C-2H/S now using 4C to ask ace (4NT treat as invitation)
- Implement the missing Gerber handler.
0.8.11 (Free)
In order to add Bluetooth feature to our game, we have decided to cease the support of Android 1.6. This is a special version that extends the expiry date for using 1.6 phones. So if you are still using 1.6 phone, please make sure that you have this update.
Other improvements:  
- Fixed negative double response for 1C-(2D)-X.
- Report Robot Problem function now also sends solo game persistent data.
- Claim algorithm will now consider cross ruff before cashing trumps.
- Claim algorithm will be embedded to the play engine to improve play quality.
0.8.10 (Free)
- Add retry menu option in game viewer.
- Add bid analysis menu option in Solo Game.
- Introduce "slam interest" concept to robot.
0.8.9 (Free)
- Quick fixed distribution point function. (0.8.8)
- Fixed 1H/S-2H/S robot response with less than 6 HCP.
- Fixed duplicate card played when network connection is slow. (Trial)
- Sologame is no longer using the bidding rule database.
- Online game block partner's private chat to avoid cheating.
- Fixed FC when login to busy server. (Rare case)
- Improve the efficiency of claim module.
- Rewrite the balancing seat action.
- Add the following bidding classes:
  - 2-over-1 response (Force 1 round).
0.8.7 (Free)
- Fixed report problem function loss game information in unsaved games.
- Online game bid screen, will be update after player quit the table.
- Back button in Login Screen also disconnected from the server now.
- Add the following bidding classes:
  - opener rebid;
  - reverses by opener;
  - fourth suit forcing;
  - negative double & response;
  - subsequent bidding by responder.
  - Michaels Cuebid and response.
  - overcall (rewrite);
  - advancer response;
  - takeout double and response (improvement);
  - minor transfer (1NT-2S).
0.8.5 (Free)
- Add "Report Robot Problem" function in option menu of the Game Viewer Screen.
- Fixed for game stopped when pressing the back button for claim reply.
- Fixed Blackwood recognition problem for the bidding sequence: 1H-2NT-3D-4NT
- Rewrite the following bidding classes:
  - Blackwood Response (Ace/King).
  - Jacoby NT Response.
  - Strong 2C Response.
- Implemented a fast claim algorithm. The claim waiting time will be finished by a few seconds.
- Extended the effective claim range to last 7 tricks.
- Sologame's claim option menu is not longer disabled by number of tricks left.
- Fixed a bug that cannot display the background image.
- Set default background to valentine image for fun.
0.8.4 (Free)
- Fixed FC when closing the viewer while robot is still thinking.
- Version expiry dialog cannot be skipped by the Back button.
- Fixed a bug which causes robot to make false decision when forced under-ruff.
- Add reclaim forgotten password link in online game login page.
- Splash's monthly top player checking interval set to every 24 hours.
- Some newly developed robot play code will be put back to experimental engine for improving stability.
0.8.3 (Free)
- Server's monthly top player will be shown on the splash screen as an award.
- Add review button on  solo game score pages .
- Fixed online game shows wrong channel name in system message.
- Fixed watcher joining new game shows invalid won tricks count.
- Online game's alert button is now working.
0.8.2 (Free)
- Add Bid Buttons Configuration under User Interface Settings.
- Fixed 2NT's Stayman response, suit length not properly recognized.
- Fixed 4NT Blackwood identification problem.
- Robot will treat natural suit rebid as 5+ cards.
- Correct game invitation after Jaboby Transfer.
- Fixed a bug causes robot not properly initialized when switching robot host.
- Fixed a bug causes robot unreasonably double.
- Some system crashes fixed.
0.8.1 (Free)
- Add User Interface Settings Page under Tools Menu.
- Add Disable Screen Sleep Option under User Interface Settings.
- Move Sound Option from Solo Game to User Interface Settings.
- Add Play View Background Option under User Interface Settings.
- Add User Manual Pages under References Menu.
- Some fixes on Game Builder.
0.8.0 (Free)
- Add a new tools "Game Builder" that allows user to:
  - create game for play or analysis;
  - create and edit pbn file;
  - record a human game.
- Add background image to play screen.
- Fixed file extension filter in file selection dialog.
- Fixed "*-Contract-X-P-?" program stop response bug.
0.7.17 (Free)
- Rearrange bid buttons to avoid big fingers.
- Fixed "P 1NT P P 2NT P ? program stop response" bug.
- Fixed Android 3.0+, empty bidding cell display error.
- Fixed Cappelletti"1NT-2C-X" which makes robot bad response.
0.7.16 (Free)
- Extended expiry date.
- No beep in silent mode.
- Improve Stayman / Jacoby Transfer / Cappelletti Response.
0.7.13 (Free)
-- 0.7.11 --
- A quick fix for landscape orientation hides some cards problem. (0.7.10)
-- 0.7.12 --
- Mainly on bug fixing & improving robot bidding.
- One major bug found is the save game database has an incompatible format with the server's database. Please delete all the old save game.
-- 0.7.13 --
- Mainly on bug fixing & improving robot bidding.
- Add Chat System Message Disable Option to prevent to much messages flooding the network game.
- Solo Game Setting add scroll bar for small display work properly.
- Landscape orientation allows both direction now.
- Fixed a bug causes network game to disconnect after server reboot.
- Add Pair Ranking selection in Network Game menu.
-- 0.7.14/15 --
- Fix on unable to connect in network game.
- Fix on system crush when redouble.
0.7.10 (Free)
-- 0.7.10 --
- Add import & export function for games (use PBN format).
- Set club color to blue to improve visibility.
- Fixed hang problem when "Autoplay Single Card" option is on and undo play.
- Fixed alarm clock cannot function when playing the game.
0.7.9 (Free)
-- 0.7.5 --
- Fixed score calculator for 7NT-1 error.
- Fixed unable to reset the minimum bid level to 1.
- Fixed a crash report case.
-- 0.7.6 --
- Add save password option.
-- 0.7.7 --
- Add splash screen.
- Add transparency to network game's message window.
- Fixed a case that robot bids too aggressive to game.
- Improve chance for robot to double.
-- 0.7.8 --
- Add sologame autoplay single card option.
- Add sologame view score menu option.
- Add redeal menu option. (Single Game scoring method only)
-- 0.7.9 --
- Fixed a bug which causes frozen in bidding stage. (from 0.7.8)
- Regroup the menu.
- Add robot's SAYC standard.
- Increase font size (size+1) in bidding window.
0.7.4 (Free)
  • Solo game seat position changed back to South.
  • Solo game bid table leftmost column fixed to human player.
0.7.3 (Free)
  • Added an option to disable sound.
  • Added the confirm contract dialog box. (you can disable it in game option).
  • Solo game seat position changed for South to North
  • Eliminate robot under ruff.
0.7.0 (Free)
  • This version 0.7.x is mainly to improve robot bid.
  • Add sound option.
0.6.11 (Free)
  • Add a "Bridge Score Calculator" tool.
0.6.10 (Free)
  • For a new installation, default scoring method is "Single Game".
  • Add undo bid function.
  • Add "Lucky Hand" option for solo game, which you can always get 10+HCP hand.
0.6.9 (Free)
  • Add a Network Game Menu so that it can view the online players ranking.
0.6.6 (Free)
  • Add Duplication Scoring Method (16 boards)
  • Add solo game session persistence for Rubber and Chicago Scoring Method.
  • Add an solo game option: "Game Engine" for future use.
0.6.2 (Free)
  • Address a crash report when downloading bidding rule from server.
  • Fixed some leak issues due to unclosed cursor.
  • Use a new play engine which limits the robot thinking to to 2 seconds to avoid excessive cpu power consumption.
0.6.1 (Free)
  • Some fixes for 0.6.0.
0.6.0 (Free)
  • Add game save feature.
  • Add a game viewer for saved games.
  •  Network game used server side bidding rules.
  • Include WVGA resolution.
  • Add option for turn end show card delay
0.5.12 (Free)
  • Fixed the bug for Declarer Type option does not set.
  • Add extra code to prevent system crash when reopen application.
0.5.11 (Free)
  • Implement phone orientation change.
  • Fix a bug that cause the network game cannot be played.
0.5.10 (Free)
  • Add Chicago (4-Deal) option to scoring method in solo game.
0.5.9 (Free)
  • Add solo game Rubber scoring method.
  • Change the join/watch table from long click to simple click.
  • Rewrite the Solo Game Settings screen.
0.5.8 (Free)
  • A quick fix on showing invalid login message which causes system to crash.
0.5.7 (Free)
  • Add solo game "Robot Declarer" option, default is false.
  • Username in the Login Screen is saved and show as default value for each login.
  • Invite chat channel add confirm dialog box.
  • Add file size to be downloaded in Bidding Rule Dowload Screen.
0.5.6 (Free)
  • A quick fix on to sensitive card selection in real device. (MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE event is disabled).
0.5.5 (Free)
  • Add local bid rule database with update.
  • Fix a bug when claim in network game.
0.5.4 (Free)
  • Add whisper to button.
  • Enabled Invite button
  • Add watcher join game function.
  • Check icons for the main menu screen.
0.5.3 (Free)
  • Add view bidding and view last turn played cards function.
0.5.2 (Free)
  • Complete claim function in network game.
  • Add claim and undo function in solo game
  • Fixed a bug for wrong score calculation for sologame.
  • Fixed un-reset problem for min. bid level in sologame.
0.5.1 (Free)
  • Seperate Activity with GameState class.
  • Add clam, QuitTablePlayer handlers
0.5.0 (Free)
  • Initital beta release

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