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A utility to transfer harddisk files from PC to PS2 and vice versa.

Run hdld_svr.elf in PS2

The ipconfig is stored in mc0:/SYS-CONF/IPCONFIG.DAT

To get the table of contents in the PS2 harddisk:

hdl_dump toc

To get the signature of an image file:

hdl_dump cdvd_info <pc_file_name>

To write image (DVD/CD) to PS2:

hdl_dump inject_dvd <ps2_file_name> <pc_file_name> <dvd_signature>

hdl_dump inject_cd <ps2_file_name> <pc_file_name> <dvd_signature>

Note that network speed is quite slow, about 600KB/s.

To extract image from PS2:

hdl_dump extract PP.HDL.<ps2_file_name> <pc_file_name>

To delete image from PS2:

hdl_dump delete PP.HDL.<ps2_file_name>

Official page: http://hdldump.ps2-scene.org/

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