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Start the emulator

 emulator -avd <avd_name>

Installing the package

 adb install bin\LunarLander-debug.apk

Uninstalling Android packages

All the installed packages can be removed from the emulator using the adb program. First, we should run the shell:

 > adb shell

The # sign is the shell prompt we should wait for. When the shell is ready, we have to go to the packages directory:

 # cd /data/app

Now, we have to find out the files in this directory:

 # ls

As we can see, our LunarLander project is there. We can remove it ("uninstall") with the command:

 # rm

The shell session can be finished with the exit command.

When we know the name of the package to uninstall, it can be done with single command. For example, in our case we could've done:

 > adb shell rm /data/app/


 > adb uninstall

Read Console (Debug) Log

 adb logcat

Dex Dump

 adb shell dexdump -d -f -h /data/dalvik-cache/
 > text.txt