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Rating System

Welcome to the WeWeWeb Rating System! Every time you play a game with rating system, we automatically calculate your win/loss and update your rating points.

The Rating system awards you points for every game you win. If you lose a game, you will lose rating points. In games where you can draw or stalemate, rating points for a draw will be calculated. Your cumulative rating points determine your rank. Please realize that ranking and rating are not the same thing. A player who gets more rating points than you will have a higher rank; you can improve your rating score and still fall in rank because others have passed you. Rating is also different from score obtained in game. You can have  positive score in game but lose rating points because you do not perform as well as other players.

There are a few things to bear in mind about our rating system:

  • Everyone starts off with pre-defined rating points in rated games.
  • Each game uses a different formula for calculating rating points. We reserve the right to implement our own scoring standards.
  • When players have the same number of rating points, players will be ranked by random selection. For example, player A and B both have 1800 rating points. Player A is ranked 3rd and player B is ranked 4th. Players A and B will not have the same rank.
  • Deliberate ratings manipulation will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to reset an individual user's ratings to initial value under the following conditions:
  • Ratings, by definition, are based on a player's prowess against multiple opponents, not just one (or a few). The ratings of players that repeatedly play the same opponents may be reset so that those games are not counted toward their ratings.
  • A player who has won a significant majority of their games in time periods shorter than realistically possible for that particular game may have their ratings reset.
  • A player whose ratings in games of chance that far exceed statistical probability will have their ratings investigated.
  • A player with an excessively high number of wins through games abandoned by other players may have their ratings reset.
  • A player who has not played for an extended period of time.
  • Please note that we cannot remove abandons or adjust your ratings in any way.
  • We reserved the right to reset the game rating records in order to facilitate our operation or development processes.

    If your ratings have been reset, you will be notified with reason. In case of  a reset due to deliberate ratings manipulation , if you feel that your ratings were achieved legitimately, you may send mail to us. We will review your game history and reinstate your ratings if your appeal is approved.

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