Double Dummy Race Help


After introducing the Solo Challenge and the Quiz, we have spent quite a long time for adaptive maintenance. For the 2018 Spring release,  we have introduced a new game mode called "Double Dummy Race" (DDR). This mode is different from the conventional modes, which is based on double dummy. A set of questions are set up with all the four hands are revealed. You need to calculate the best result that a side can get on each question of that set. The one who got the best accuracy and shortest time will win the race.

How it works

Each race will be last for 6 hours (4 each day), which it is opened for members to join  For each race, you need to answer 8 questions that is based on double dummy trick calculation. Upon the end of the race, players will be ranked accordingly to the accuracy (number of corrected answer), completeness (total questions answered) and then quickness (time used for providing the correct answers). The losers of the race will donate 0.1 Master Point to the winning pool which is shared by the winners. The share of the pool is based on the rank of the winner on the race.

The rules

To avoid cheating, the following should be bare in mind:

The Reward

The reward of Master Point is based on zero sum. That meant the gain for the winner is from the losers.

To entitle for a winner, you must rank higher than 50% of total participates.

If you are not a winner, you are treated as a loser.

A loser will lose 0.1 Master Point, which will be put into winning pool.

The winners will share the pool based on the following formula:

WP x (N + 1 - R) x 2 / (N  + 1) / N

WP = Winner Pool
N = Total Number of Winners
R = Position of the Winner (1..N)

For 1 participant race: The winner will get 0.1 Master Point.
For 2+ participants race: The above formula applies.

House Keeping

Race result can be found in our website once the event is closed and processed. However, due to disk storage issue, we only keep the recent three month game records for public reference.

Up to now, we have no policy to purge inactive users.  However, we reserve the right to purge the user records that are inactive for more than one year.


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