To form grammatical words from the 7 tiles selected by the game server. Each letter has an assigned value which define the total score of the word formed. With careful arrangement of the letter on the PREMIUN SQUARES, one can achieve relatively high score. The purpose of the game is to get the highest combined points from the 100 letters in the STOCK. More importantly, one can meet new friends and chat freely during the play.

Game start

The highlighted person (in red) plays first who has the advantage to get double word score. Simply select the letters in turn and click the square for placement. For cancellation, do the reverse steps. The first word must be formed in the middle of the game board (the pink starred square). The game continues and moves to the next available person. Words must be formed either vertically (from top to bottom) or Horizontally (from left to right) across the game board (15 x 15 matrix).

Premium Squares

Playing letters on the colored squares can score extra points.

Grey Double Letter Score, i.e. 2 x the value of the Letter

Light Blue Triple Letter Score, i.e. 3 x the value of the Letter

Pink Double Word Score, i.e. 2 x the values of the word

Red Triple Word Score, i.e. 3 x the values of the word


First word gets double word score automatically. Letters on the game board only count its face value. Interlocking words, as long as they were accepted by the built-in dictionary, count twice to improve the total score. Blank file has be to assigned first before placing onto the game board. It counts zero point. Extra long words, which connect two pink squares, count 4 times the total value of the letters. Similarly, for 2 red squares, it counts 9 times the word score. In case all 7 letters were played in one go, 50 points bonus is added together with the word score.

Familiarize with the game window buttons

Place After putting the letters on the desirable position, click Place to finalize the word. The server will check the word with the house dictionary. A message will appear on the message box for illegal word. Two consecutive errors produce a Forced Pass. No score for this round.

Redraw Click the letters you want to exchange and press Redraw. New tiles will be appeared. No score for this round.

Pass If a player decides not to form a word, she/he clicks Pass and the game moves on. Of course, she/he may choose the Redraw function. Near the end of the game, the players use Pass to forfeit a round. The game ends when every player passed for 2 complete rounds. Value of unused letters will be deducted from the final score.

Reorder This function allows quick online rearrangement of the existing tiles on the rack. It gives extra dimension into building new words.

Other vital information

Game 1/1 The first round of the first game.

Stock: 72 72 letters remains in the Stock for Redraw.

Status: 7/Place 5 7 letters on the rack with 5 letters placed in the last round

Time: 123/17m In the last round, the time elapsed was 123 seconds. The total time used during play is 17 minutes.

Score: 18/104 In the last round, 18 points were scored. The total combined score is 104.

2 & 3 Letters Words List

2 letters word list
3 letters word list